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What are the three basic elements of social psychology
affect, cognition, and behavior
What does Becker's article focus on (Drug-induced experience)?
LSD use
What is the formal definition of psychology, and describe the parts?
The systematic study of the nature and causes of human behavior... human behavior: sociologists study human behavior
systematic study: we use scientific methods... nature and cuases: we study what people do and what they do it
What are the basic elements of Social Psych?
Behavior- actions, what you do; cognitions- thoughts, judgments; affects- feelings, emotions
What is the quadrant of action?
Culture/meaning, body/physicality, others/sociality, mind/consciousness
What is borderwork
Interaction that defines or maintaines the difference between groups
What are the 3 faces of social psych?
social structure and personality, group processes, symbolic interaction