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"good" orphanage, absence of stimulating social interaction was the problem with the children from orphanages
H.M. Skeels and H.B. Dye
experiments on rhesus monkeys.. socialization is through human contact
harry and margaret harlow
"the looking glass self"..
Charles Horton Cooley
play is crucial to the development of life. imitation play and games
George Herbert Mead
noticed that young children miss similar questions on tests..
sensorimotor preoperational concrete operational formal operational
Jean Piaget
founded psychoanalysis. personality consists of id ego and superego
sigmund freud
observed children at 2 elementary schools and the children seperating themselves by sex developed differently
Patricia and Peter Adler
noticed children always dress in adult clothing
phillippe aries
life course total institution.. differs by social location
erving goffman