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a society or group in which mean as a group dominate women as a group; authority is vested in males
glass ceiling
the mostly invisible barrier that keeps women from advancing to the top levels at work
glass eascaltor
the mostly invisible accelrators that push men into higher-level postions, more desirbale work assignments, and higher salaries
4. Prejudice, discrimination, and hostility directed against people because of their age; can be directed against any age group, including youth
first wave of feminism:
radical branch--> reform all institutions of society
second wave of feminism
1960-present, began viewing their jobs as careers and compared consitions with those of men's, protest against gender inequalities, raising women's pay to changing policies on violence aganist women
third wave of feminism
now emerging, 1. greater focus on problems of women in least industrialized nations 2. critiscm of values that dominate work and soicety 3. removal of impediments to women's love and pleasure
reasons for growth in ederly
baby boom after WWII becaus emen happy to be home to see wife, starts family
functionalist perspectives of aging process
disengagements theory, activity theory, continuity theory
disengagement theory of f.p.of a.p
the view that society prevents disruption by having the elderly vacate(disenegage from) their positions of responsiblity so that the younger generation can step into their shos
activity theory of f.p.of a.p.
the view that satisfaction during old age is related to a person's amount and quality of activity
continuity theory of f.p.of a.p.
the focus of this theory is how people adjust to retirement by continueing aspects of their earlier life
myths of the elderly
can't drive and are not good at comprehending things
greek word, politically dumb, oblivious to the political soceity around you, person w.o specific knowledge, disengage from
direct democracy
a form of democracy in which the eligible voters meet togther to discuss issues and make their decisions
weber's three types of authority
traditional authority, rational legal authority, charismatic authority
traditional authority
authority based on customs, declines with industrialization
rational- legal authority
(bureaucratic authority) based on written rules "reasonable law" the authority comes from the position one holds, not the person who holds the position
charismatic authority
someone people are drawn to because they believe that person has been touched by God or endowed by nature with exceptional qualities(joan of arc, hitler), authority based on individuals' traits to attract followers
problem of charismatic authority
to who does the leader owe allegiance
demographic transition
historical process of population growth
stage 1 of D.T.
stabe population:births and deaths are more or less balanced
stage 2 of D.T.
rapidly growing population:births far outnumber deaths
stage 3 of D.T.
stable population; birth drops and births and eaths become more or less balanced
stage 4 of D.T.
shrinking population; deaths outnumber births
push factors in immigration
what people want to escape; poverty, religous persecution
pull factors in immigration
the magnets that draw people to a new land; chance for education, better jobs, freedom to worship
the process by which an icnreasing number of people live in cities and those cities having a growing influence on culture
city life
give people sense of community, feeling of belonging//some find alienation, don't fit in
urban sentiment
people divide city into own little worlds, they only care about their own groups