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According to the latest information from the Bureau of Census, which of the following is not true?
African-Americans are the largest minority in America.
People who share a common identity, ancestry and culture, and some distinct physical characteristics can best be defined as a _________.
racial-ethnic group.
According to the 2000 Census, which of the following groups had the highest percentage of children under eighteen living with a married couple?
Asian American
All of the following are true regarding the African-American family except:
Economic, but not cultural, factors have accounted for changes in family patterns.
A) marry at a younger age than other Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites.

B) in the second generation (born in the U.S.) have marriage and fertility patterns closer to non-Hispanic whites than the first generation.

C) are more likely to live in extended families than non-Hispanic whites.

D) all of these
Which is the best example of a transnational family?
A Korean family living in New York who repeatedly flies back to Korea to find marriage partners for their young people.
Which of the following groups had the highest total fertility rate in 2003?
Asian-American families _________________.
have the highest median income of all ethnic groups, including non-Hispanic whites.
American-Indian families _________________.
have remained an economically disadvantaged group.
Which is true of racial/ethnic intermarriage in the U.S. today?
Among Asian Americans and American Indians, intermarriage is becoming the norm.
○ Native Americans that behaved like the opposite sex
What is the difference between sex and gender?
Sex: biological characteristics

Gender: social and cultural characteristics
pattern of behaviors associated with position in society
social role
different sets of behaviors commonly exhibited
gender role
when you tell a boy not to cry or girls not to fight
Which of the following approaches to gender differences asserts that gender identification and behavior are based on the day-to-day exchanges that reinforce gender differences?
interactionalist approach
A social order based on the domination of men over women is called ______________.
an ordering of all persons in society be degrees of economic resources, prestige, and privilege
social class
a group of people that share a common lifestyle and identify with each other
status group