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Social institutions are reconstituted arounds its language and culture
Dominant group.
Voluntary or imposed physical separation of unequal groups based on power or dominance

Cultural Pluralism
Endorses diversity
Subdominant group forciby brought to another country, exploitation. (e.g. slavery)
Forced Migration
Which federal legislation was the first in the world to treat immigrants and native born the same
Citizenship Act of the 1947
A hierarchical relation of power involving differences undergoing constant evaluation in contexts that are relational and unequal
The acquisition of land or resourses through peaceful means (e.g. treaties)
Colonialization and frontier expansion
Which dimension of cultural pluralism is related to the principle of universalism, what we have in common as individuals is more important that what divides or separates us.
Liberal dimension (all treated the same)
In the past what was entrenched within the law structure and institutions of Canada's society
What policy is Canada the only country to constitutionally endorse as a basis for engaging diversity.
Individuals intermingle with one another at all institutional levels
Which type of group interation pattern may the nation intervene to address minority needs by rectifying past injustices
Cultural Pluralism
Which dimension of cultual pluralism confers formal recognition on racial and ethnic minorities by acknowledging differences as a basis for entitlement and society building
Corporate dimension (help with differences)
In relation to aboriginal peoples official bilingualism, minority language rights, multiculturalism, institutional inclusion and removal of discriminatory barriers, how has Canadian society shifted
By becoming more inclusive
Which sociological perspective has the dual processes of the tendency towards stability and the tendency to cope with disruptions
Groups divorcing themselves from the outside world
Voluntary separation
When may dualities gain ascendency or decline?
In response to local, national or international developments
Some degree of choice to relocate from one country to another
Voluntary Migration
Members are disadvantaged in the competition for power and privilege
Subdominant group
Dominant groups incorporates or annexes foreign territory by force.
Rights of European Discovery
Dominant sector imposes authority, culture and values on subdominant group
Responses (factors) that result when groups are in prolonged contact
Duration, timing, balance of power, magnitude and intensity
The interplay of which aspects of interactionist theories helps to explain the diverse range of subdominant responses and dominant reactions
Combination of joint linkages
Systematic Mass Killings
How does radical conflict portray society?
Instability of unequal or competing groups.
Colonies within a country.
(e.g. First Nations Quebecois, Indigenous)
Internal Colonialism
When did Canada become the first and only country to constitutionally enshrine aboriginal and treaty rights
Removal of physical barriersor social barriers to achieve formal equality, equality before the law
Competing sectors within dominant and subdominant groups
Collective definition
What is encourage in the melting pot process
Subdominant and dominant groups fuse together