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in our minds we carry a "______ ___ for various group situations.
social map
We have a mental image of the new group with an underlying pattern of social relationship called _____ ____.
social structure
we are not born with mental maps we must learn them from others
give example
king, queen or jack=privileged
10,9,8,7= semi privileged
6,5,4= not privileged
3,2, and ace are inferior
What do sociologists mean by status?
people may refer to themselves as students, doctors, welders, secretary, mother, or sons
The labels refer to a status which is
a position a person occupies within a social structure
_____ ______ is neither earned nor chosen; itis assigned to us.
ascribed status
example of ascribed status
at birth, we are either a male or not choose our gender. in some societies, religion & social classes are ascribed by the family
________ ______ is earned or chosen.
achieved status
_____ ______ is possible where people have some degree of control and choice
achieving status
An individual can decide to become a spouse or a parent. occupations are also achieved statuses in modern societies where people have freedom to choose their work.
achieved status
_____ ___ is all of the statuses that a person occupies at any particular time.
status set
a student might be a tennis player, a brother, a tutor, and a store clerk.
status set
____ _____ are important because thery influence most other aspects of the person's.
master statuses
An expected behavior associated with a particular stsus is a ____.
Status describes _____, roles describe _________.
positions; behaviors
____ are behaviors that individuals expect from others.
_______ are behaviors tht individuals are expected to perform toward others.
______ and ____ provide the basis for group life.
statuses; roles
When people interact with each other socially that they ____ in the roles attached to their statuses.
___ ______ is the actual conduct, or behavior, involved in carrying out (or performing) a role.
role performance
___ ______ is the process of influencing each other as people relate.
social interaction
How does play-acting differ from social interactions?
Play-analogy is a valid one but is dangerous to take too far. Do not rehearse lines.
exists when the performance of a role in one status clashes with the performance of a role in another.
role conflict
occurs when a person had trouble meeting many roles connected with a single status.
role strain
the ___ and ___ ___ of a society are greatly affected by the way the society provides for basic needs
culture; social structure
a ___ is composed of people living within defined territorial borders who share a common culture.
Hunting & gathering societies
go where food was, move around from place to place, all members related by blood and or marriage.