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Theoretical perspective influenced by Herbert Spencer and Emile Durkheim
Functionalist Perspective
Discipline that studies some aspect of society
social science
German Sociologist that introduced the concept of Verstehen
Max Weber
Element of society that can be manifest or latent
Factor that influenced the development of sociology as a filed of study
Industrial revolution
Sociologist who developed the concept of sociological imagination
C. Wright Mills
Theoretical Perspective that emphasizes the use of symbols
Interactionist perspective
How people relate to one another and influence each other's behavior
Social Interaction
Theoretical perspective that focuses on forces that promtes competition and change
Conflict perspective
General set of assumptions about the nature of phenomena
Theoretical Perspective
Sociologist who believed that the economy influneces the social structure
Karl Marx
Theoretical perspective that was influenced by the work of Max Weber
Positive consequence an element has for the stability of society
First sociologist to apply the systematic methods of science to the study of society
Interaction between people that takes place thorught the use of symbols
Symbolic interaction
Empathetic understanding of the meanings that others attach to their actions
Systematic explantion of the relationship among phenomona
sociologist influenced by charles darwin
Herbert Spencer
Sociologist who develped the concept of ideal type
Negative consequence an element has for the stability of society