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Study of human society
Functionalist Perspective
Cultural values direct our lives. different parts of society work together to promote unity and stability
Social Conflict
Social change happens to due to conflict and inequality between classes, races and gender
Symbolic Interaction
Based on individual and everyday interactions between everyone is how social change occurs
something that changes from case to case
Group of people living in an area
representational group
Rules and expectations of society
Observed norms that have severe consequences
Routine interactions with no consequences
judging someone else's culture by your own culture.(antonym of cultural relativism)
Cultural relativism
evaluating a culture by its own standards (antonym of ethnocentrism)
this is created when a group of people have different practices than the majority of the population.
cultural practices that oppose the majority culture
social position
behavior expected of a person of a certain status
achieved status
status acquired during someone's lifetime
ascribed status
status that is recieved at birth or involuntarily acquired later in life
master status
a status that has special importance for social identity and shapes someone's life
primary group
small social group where the pple involved share their personal lives and interact daily
secondary group.
a group where the members do not interact daily, and are only associates. it's large where the members pursue a specific goal
organizational model rationally designed to perform tasks efficiently
labeling theory
deviance and conformity result not so much from what people do as from how others respond to those actions.
violation of cultural norms
Auguste Comte
coined the word sociology in 1838 to describe the way of thinking where people look at how society could be improved but importantly how it works
C. Wright Mills
said that social crisis sparks social change.
analyzed the sociological perspective in a detailed essay "The Promise"
Sociological Imagination
helps us
analyze common sense,

see opportunities and constraints in our lives,

to be Active in society,

and to live in a diverse world
Emile Durkheim
Said that social forces are always at work.

Studied suicide patterns and said they were caused by social integration.
Jane Addams
spoke out on behalf of immigrants.

Founded Hull House which assisted immigrant families.
W.E.B DuBois
studied the black community and spoke out against racial inequality.

served as a founding member of the NAACP
Harriet Martineau
translated writings of Auguste Comte from french to english

documented evils of slavery and argued laws to protect factory workers

helped advance women`
Herbert Spencer
Structural Functional pioneer

compared society to the human body

Just like the body has organs and muscles and systems that work together so does society