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How do the text define sociology?
sociology - the systematic study of social behaviours in human societies
Text defines macrosociology as? And, what does it look at?
macrosociology-study of large social organizations

looks at how social structures determine individual action
text defines microsociology as?And, what does it look at?
microsoiology - study of face-to-face interaction in a small group

looks ar how individual action makes up social structure
What are the four major theory camps?
conflict theory
symbolic interationism
what are the three distinct empirical traditions of sociological theory?
multivariate theory
interpretive thoery
historical-comparative theory
what is epistemology?
a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of knowing, how it is obtained, and the means for establishing its validity
what is ethnomethodology?
a type of research that analyzes the methods poeple use in relation to one another to make sense of social life and conceptual order at the everyday level
what is sociological imagination?
attemps to link micro to macro
individuals to society
power is divided up into 3, what are they?
class, status, party
what was Kroeber & Kluckhohn (1952) 2000
definition of culture?
culture is to a population aggregate what personality is to the individual; and the ethos is the core of most probable behaviors
what did the lectures say about culture?
widely used, ambiguous, and contested, no true definition