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What is Social Stratififcation
refers to a society's system for ranking people hierarchically according to various attributes such as, wealth,power and prestige
society's system for ranking people.
Society's where there exist rigid boundries between social strata are said to have what type of system
closed stratification
rigid boundries
Society's where boundries are easily crossed are said to have a
open stratification
easily crossed
Social mobility refers to what
movement from one social stratum to another
Ascribed status applies to what
a status aquired at birth
Achieved status applies to what
based on efforts of the individual
your efforts
Open society's are characterized by classes which are
social strata based primarily on economic criteria
Classes of modern
society's are homogeneous
The way people are grouped with respect to access to scarce resources are determines their
Life chances
scarce resources
Structural mobility
the elimination of entire classes as a result of changes in the means of their existence
Spacial mobility
the movement of individual and groups from one location to another
the respect and esteem shown to an individual
the way in which individuals present themselves to others through body language, dress, speech and manners
Legitimate power is called AUTHORITY
and is a major factor in maintaining existing relationships among castes or classes
AUTHORITY is a major factor in maintaining existing relationships among castes or classes
capitalism divided society's into classes based on ownership of the means of production
capitalism divided society's into classes
What would result in a classless society
workers becoming consciuos of their shared interest; then becoming rebellious
their shared interest;
MARX view of stratification is challenged by what
social mobility in industrial society's which have shown considerable movement between social classes
Functionalist theories of STRATIFICATION
unequal distribution of rewards channels talented people into important roles in society
unequal distribution; channels
Interactionist perpective of STRATIFICATION implies what
the stratification is not a fixed system but one that is created out of everyday behaviors
created out of everyday behaviors
Objective class
MARXIAN THEORY, a social class that has a visible relationship to the means of production
Subjective class
MARXIAN THEORY,the way members of a social class perceive their situation
Intragenerational mobility
change in social class of a indiviual within his/her lifetime
within his/her lifetime
Intergenerational mobility
change in social class of family members from one generation to the next
The basic measures of inequality in a society is
wealth,educaitonal attainment,occupational prestige
Socioeconomic status
derived primarily from occcupation
Equal of Opportunity
Equal opportunity to achieve desired levels of material well being and prestige
Equal of result
Equality in the actual outcome of peoples attempts to improve their material well being and prestige
Equality in actual outcome