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Steam Engine
Flying Shuttle
Cast Iron
James Hargraves
Spinning Jenny
Explain the tranisition from medival farming to enclosure.
Laying fallow, crop rotation, commons, enclosure
A complete change in something; overthrow of goverement.
New inventions; the science of industry.
An economy based on industry, not agriculture.
To use.
Labor Supply
A supply of workers.
Money uised to invest in bussiness.
Test Act
An act forbidding anyone except members of the Church of England from holding political office or entering the professions(goverment, army, Church). They were only allowed to work in bussiness and industry. However they succeeded greatly at this.
Unproductive; inadequete in profermance.
Land which could be used by anyone.
To Graze
To feed on growing plants, such as grass. Farmers were able to allow there animals graze on the commons however after Enclosure the small farmers no longer had land for their animals.
A group of animals distinguished by particular characteristics. The IR allowed farmers to relieze that by mixing certain animals they could produce the most effective animal.
Made by humans. This is what most fibers are today.
Amount of particular goods avilible.
Desire for particular goods
Compressed Steam
Steam under pressure. Used in locomotives/
Those wishing to purchase goods.
Cast Iron
Molten iron poured in a mould to make a product. Invented by Abraham Darby.
A capitalist who invents moneyin textile-making.
Black Lung
Lung diese caused by inhaling coal dust. Killed many coal miners.
Social Reformer
People who wish to change the nature of society.
An association of people, often in the same type of business, trade, or profession, who have joined together to protect their interests and improve their pay, working conditions, and security of employment
a member of any of various bands of workers organized to destroy manufacturing machinery, under the belief that its use diminished employment.
When the goverment sells parts of common to highest bidder who then
A 19th-century American political party formed to oppose the Democratic Party and favoring high tariffs and a loose interpretation of the Constitution. Usually rich buissness men.
a member of a political party in Great Britain from the late 17th century to about 1832 that favored royal authority over Parliament and the preservation of the existing social and political order: succeeded by the Conservative party. Usually the poor who come to office planning to be humble.
Laissez Faire
Made buissness free as possible by goverment regulation. It was based on self interest and competition. The thought was that the greater the profit was the, the better it was for a larger group of people. This hurt workers because it allowed bad work conditions and low wages.
Any cloth or goods produced by weaving, knitting, or felting. During the Industrial Revolution it incurred great growth in inventions and was one of the main industries in Britain.
A colorless, odorless, flammable gas that caused many deaths in the mining industry.
A bird that was sent into the mines to test for methane. The canery would sing while flying unless it would die of the methane which would indicate that the mine not safe for human due to the mathane.
Jethro Tull
Seed Drill