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Who succeeds in education?
-social class and family background
-race and ethnicity-many tests (IQ) are socially based on one culture
-Gender-title IX of education amendments-no discrimination
Problems in the American Educational System
-law levels of academic achievement
-unequal access to quality schools
-confusion as to the goals of education
-school dropouts
-violence in school
-inadequate school facilities and personnel
-deficient teachers-not qualified
Back to Basics
memorizing, repeat back what learned
Trends and Innovations in American Education
No Child Left Behind, January 2002
what are the 4 principles of the no child left behind act?
-expanding options for parents
-teaching methods
Trends *
-character education-moral and interpersonal aspects of developing as an individual and as a member of society
-computer technology in education
School Choice
school vouchers, charter schools, home schooling, private schools, provide parents with alternative school choices for their children, year round schooling