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What are 4 facts about the Suez Canal?
Ships pay tolls to use it, its a major source of transportation , it helps avoid long trips around Africa, & is one of the busiest waterways in the world.
About what percent of Egyptians are farmers?
About 40 percent
What do farmers grow?
Cotton, vegetables, grain, and fruit
There are 4 things
Where is the farmland limited to?
The Nile River Valley and the Nile River Delta
What do farmers do to keep the soil healthy and why can it be a problem?
The farmers fertalize the soil to keep it healthy and its a problem because its expensive.
Why is over watering a problem?
It brings harmful salt to the surface of the soil.
What is Egypt forced to do because of salt rising to the surface?
Import most of its food
What would the debate over Islam in the country possibly cause? Would it be bad or good
It could possibly cause a loss in tourism which would be bad
What do some Egyptians want their countries to do?
Remain leader among the Arab countries or make life easier for Egyptians living at home
What is the most populas country in North Africa?
More than half of Egyptians live in what?
Small villages and other rural areas
Most rural Egyptian farmers are called what?
If Egyptians are not farmers then what are they usually working in?
oil rich countries
What is Egypt's largest city?
It is also egypt's capital
How many people live in Cairo?
Over 10 million
How long ago was Cairo founded and where was it founded?
It was founded about 1000 years ago along the Nile River
Cairo is a mixture of what?
Modern buildings and mud-brick houses
Types of buildings
What 2 things are a series of problems in Cairo?
Traffic and pollution
How many people does Alexandria have?
Over 4 million
Where is Alexandria located?
In the Nile Delta along the Mediterranean coast
Alexandria is a major what?
What are the 3 main industries in Alexandria?
Textiles, tourism, & oil
What is one of the main sources of income?
The Suez Canal
How many people live in Egypt?
Over 67 million people
98% of Egyptians live in a comfortable manner?
False. Many Egyptians live in poverty.
Weat Africa is a large region of what?
What landforms does this region have?
How many najor climate zones are there?
What is the first climate?
The Sahara
The Sahara is the world's largest what?
What is the second zone?
Does rainfall vary greatly in the Sahel zone?
What is blown down from the Sahara to the Sahel zone?
The harmattan which is a dry, dusty wind
What is the third zone?
The Savanna.
The tsetse fly carries what sickness in the Savanna zone?
Sleeping sickness.
What is the fourth climate zone?
The Coast and Forest.
What kind of climate is in the fourth zone?
A wet, humid cliamate.
What is the most important river in Weat Africa?
The Niger River.
How many miles does the Niger River flow east for?
2,600 miles
Where does the Niger River empty into ?
The Gulf of Guinea
Half of Nigeria's coastline is what?
The Niger's delta.
What are West Africa's minerals?
Dimonds, Gold, Iron Ore, Manganese, and Bauxite.
There are 4.
What is Nigeria's major export and it makes up what percent of Nigeria's exports?
Oil and it makes up about 95%
Most of what we know of West Africa comes from what?
What is archeology?
The study of the remains and ruins of past cultures.
Where were the earliest trading towns in West Africa?
Niger's Inland Delta
What did traders bring from the desert to trade?
Dates and salt
What did people from the Sahel sell for trade?
Animals and hides
What were some of the trade goods traided for in West Africa?
Grains, fish, kola, tropical nuts, metals, gold
What was one of the earliest West African kingdoms to grow rich and powerful from trade?
What was introduced into Ghana as a result of traders crossing the Sahara?
What religion later became the main one practiced in the Sahel?