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indentured servant
perswon who agreed to work without wages for a period of time in exchange for passage into the colonies
working under harsh conditions with no pay
- Connectitcut
religous persecution
- set up a colony with strict limits/ Thomas Hooker
Rhode Island-
- though that the puritan church had too much power/ seperation of church and state
Triangular Trade Route
New England carries fish, lumber and other goods to West Indies
- carried rum, guns, cloth and tools to west Africa/ - carried enslaved blacks
Manifest Destiny
belief that the Americans had the right to spread across the continent
Trail of Tears
forced journey of the cherokee indians form georgia to the region west of the Mississippi during which thousands of cherokees died
factory life
harsh conditions/ dirty, grimy, hands get chopped off, hot , doors locked
Industrial Revolution
gradual process by which machines replaced hand tools
Monroe Doctrin
president Monroe's foreign policy statement warning European Nations not to interfere in Latin America
tax on foreign goods brought into the country
pride in one's nation
loyalty to a state rather than one whole country
XYZ Affair
a french attempt to bribe the United States by demanding money before discussing French seizure of Nuetral American Ships
- Amti- Federalists
believed in the Constitution
- didnt believe in the constitution