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What was the main reason for the Poulist Party and the Progressive Party??
They wanted the goverment to step in and make a change to help the lower class>
What was the reason for the Georgia Slave Coads??
The georiga slave codes were the coads that slave had to go by while the were slaves.They gave rules and the pusnements to them if they where to be broken by a slave.
wopes if i....
The 13th amendement is...
The 14th amendment is....
the 15th amendement is....
The amendement taht stoped slaver
The amendment that gave them citerzinship
The amendemt taht gave them the rit to vote
it stoped but n gave them....
What is the Jim Crow Laws used for??
They were the laws that came after lsaver but still tryied to separt the white fiomr the blacks by differnt schools ect..
i came aftre slaver....
The Emancipation Proclamation is??
Emancipation Proclamation iz an executive order issued by Abe Lincoln on Jan.1st 1863 freeing the slaves in the regions behind Confederate lines....
Waht was the idea of Booker T.Washigton??
He helped people to get good at one type of job and people should wait for there right.He saud they should star at the bottom and work ther way to the top..
The idea of Ida B.Wells??
she was with Dubois and was fighin about Lynching....
The idea of W.E.B dubois?/
He said people should work ther hardest and get the higest education they can..
What was Jane Addams idea??
Her idea was to help the city poor ant have settlement houses..
What was the iisue with Plessy vs.Ferguson??
It was a 1/8 black man who was on a train.The ticket checker did not no Plessy was 1/8 black beacuse he looks so white.Plessy perposly told the ticket checker taht he was black and he got kiced of.(1896)
Waht was the 3 reason why American Industry expansion??
The 3 reason were the
what were the two races of people that came to American to help build the railroads???
1st>China they came in through the west of america
2nd>Europen they came in trough the west of america
Why did Americanz not like the Chinse and the Europen??
They dislike them because the would work at lower wages,they would also make money and send it home.SO no money would go to the american econonic...
How did railroads effect people??
RR pushed the native americans out and killed the bufflow..It also pulled peoplle in..
The Dawes Act...
This act was a method used to Amerianze the Native American..