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What Is Cardinal Direction?
One of the four compass points; North, South, East, and West!
What is Compass Rose?
A map feature that usually shows the four cardinal directions!
What is Degree?
A unit of measure used ti deternube absolute location; on globes and maps, latitude and longitude are measured in degrees!
What is Distortion?
A misrepresentation of the true shape; each map projection used by a cartographer produces some distortion!
What is the Equator?
An imaginary line that circles the globe at its widest point (halfway between the norht and south poles) Diciding earth into 2 half's called hemispheres!
What is Geography?
The study of earths surface and the processes that shap it, the connection between places, and the rekationships between people and their environment!
What is a Globe?
A round model of earth that shows the continents and oceans in their true shapes!
What is the Key?
The section of a map that explains the symbols for the map features; also called a legend!
What is Latitude?
THe series of imaginary lines, also called parallels, that circle earth parallel to the equator; used to measure a distance north or south of the equator in degrees!
What is longitude?
The series of imaginary lines, also called meridians that run north and south from one pole to the other, used to measure a distance east or west of the prime meridian in degrees!
What is the meridian?
An imaginary line that circles the glove from north to south and runs through both the north and south poles!
What is Parallel?
IN geography, any of the imaginary lines that circle earth parallel to the equator!
What is plain?
A large area of flat or gently rolling land usually without many trees!
what is the Prime meridian?
An imaginary line of longitude, or meridian, that runs from the North pole to the south pole through through greenwich, england!
What is a Projection?
A representaion of the earths rounded surface on a flat piece of paper!