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Unique home of the native americans
Religious poles that were created by the native americans and were sometimes painted.
Iroqois Leage
An alliance that made the iroquois the most powerful tribe in north america.
An italian explorer who "discovered" north america.
King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella
King and Queen of Spain who at first denied Columbus's request for ships to discover more of the world.
When did Columbus land on the first set of islands?
October 12th, 1492
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
Columbus's ships that set off to find asia.
Where did Columbus first land?
The Canary islands
What was Columbus's first stop?
San Salvador
soldiers who led military expeditions in the Americas.
A large tribe that was very advanced, and had huge temples and large armies.
A very large tribe that were very advanced
Pretty much the same as the Incas and Aztecs. :]
Hernan Cortez
a conquistador that discovered more of america and slaughtered the whole aztec empire
Moctezuma II
The king of the aztecs that was tricked by Cortez
Francisco Pizzaro
Took over the incans
Plantations would hold slaves, and other things like that.
Bartolome de Las Casas
against slavery, and the killings of native americans.
Middle Passage
The journey that the slave ships would make while going to the west indies. In the Atlantic
King Afonsoa
King of Africa durign the slave trade.
to be "immune" to a disease means to have a shield against getting this disease.