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Since the colonists were so overmatched on sea by the British, they were forced to hire ____ who called themselves ____ because it sounded more heroic.
pirates; privateers
The final battle of the war was fought at
The british were finally defeated, and King George did not want to lose any more money in war, so he agreed to give the Colonists their independence by signing the ____
Treaty of Paris 1783
Samuel Adams
started sons of liberty
Paul Revere
A messenger boy told people when troops were coming at midnight
Crispus Attucks
died in the Boston Masacre
George Washington
Leader colonial army
Deborah Sampson
A woman who fought in the revolution. she dressed like a man.
Thomas Paine
Wrote Common Sense and Crisis
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote Declaration of Indepence
Benjamin Franklin
encouraged French to fight for independence
General Cornwallis
Surrendered at Yorktown
Benedict Arnold
Patrick Henry
persuaded burgess about the stamp act
In the Battle of Saratoga, The british planned on taking ____, New York to ________.(Strategy)