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Charecteristics of the Comanches
life revolved around hunting and war, expert horseman, were the most feared by the Europeans
Charecteristics of the Apache
lived in small farming communities fear of dead, expert of the bow and arrow
Charecteristics of the Jumanos
grew maize and cotton, irrigated from the Rio Grnde, picked mesquite, beans, and cactus
Charecteristics of the Concho
very similar to the Jumano, dissappeared quickly without a trace
Charecteristics of the Coahuiltecan
had shamans, hunted javelina, ate worms, lizards, and snkes,
Charecteristics of the Karankawa
made pottery, lived on islands, caniables, used aligator grease to repel mesquitoes, wherebthe first to greet the Europeans, dugout canoe was thier most prized possesion
Charecteristics of the Atakapan
used alligator grease like the Karankaw, lived along Galveston Bay
Charecteristics of the Caddo
most advanced of all the tribes, expert fishermen, used the trotline, had women in the goverment, divided into confederaces, dyed their leather black, had two leaders a war/peace leader and a religon leader
Charecteristics of the Tonkawa
at war alot with the comanches, constnat conflict wiped them out
Charecteristics of the Wichita
allies to the French, women in goverment, at war alot
Chrecteristics of the Kiowa
allies to the Comanche, used black dye to make racoon eye tattoos, preformed sun dances, made hide histories
What tribes are in the PUebloan culture?
Jumano and Concho
What tribes are in the Plains culture?
Comanche, Kiowa, Tonkawa, and Appache
What tribes where in the Southeatern culture?
Caddo, Wichata, and Atakapan
Which tribes were in the Western Gulf culture?
Karankawa and Coahuiltecan
Name some charecteristics of the Paleolithic people.
were nomadic and lived in the open, hunted large game such as mamoths, created stratigies such as surround, were the first to arrive in Texas, created the atlat
Name some charecteristics of the Archaic people.
decorated the caves that they stayed in, hunted smaller game because the larger game had died out, used stones to cook food, domesticated the dog, also gathered berries and such in addition to hunting, the climate droped in this era
Name some charecteristics of the farming era.
were settled, grew crops, were healthier, population grew, had time to build villages and huts, had free time to create new ideas such as math and calenders
What is the date is the test?