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what is polytheism?
it is the beleif of more than one god.
{ the sumerians had over 3,000 and prayed to four main ones}
what is the job of an archeaologist?
a person who tries to discover or unearth the past
what are artifacts?
an object made by humans that archeaologists try to find
Where is the fertile cresent?
it is around mesopotamia
What were the four conditions ?
- random floods
- rich soil
-ingenious people
-plain; barren
what is a pictograph? what is cueniform?
pictograph- one of the fist forms of writing that was drawn to tell a story
cueniform- a later form of writing made of triangle like patterns to write letters and storys
What is a surplus?
a large amount of something; too much; {if you have a surplus of blue berrys you dont need all of them}
What is irrigation?
the act of supplying dry places with water by using canals; ditches, pipes, and streams
What is a ziggurat?
a temple in acient mesopatamia where people pray to one god or goddess
What is a city-state?
a self governing place made up of a city and surrounding citys
What is a civilization and what are its five components?
a complex society with the five components
- stable food supply
- specialization of jobs
- a government
- social groups
-and highly dveloped culture {EX: art religion ect...
what is an artisan and what does he\she do?
an arisan is a person who specializes in art{EX: bronze sculpter: black smith: butcher}
Who was Hammurabi and what dd he do?
hammurabi was a king who made the first laws. they were harsh { ex: if a boy slaps his father, his hand should be cut off}
What is an epic?
a long story written in poem form
what is a plateau? what is a plain?
plateau- an elevated peice of flat land
plain- a peice of flat land
what is a nomad?
a peson who travels and never stays in one place
what did a scribe do?
he\she wrote important messages for the king or queen { someone important } to send to other people