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Define Delegated Powers
all powers are given to the national government
Define Federalism
power divided between state and national governments in a system known as federalism
What is the Albany Plan of Union?
Puroposed by Benjamin Franklin(1754) to permanatly unite all the colonies and put them all under one governement. this pluse the second congress became america's first goverment
Define Articles of Confederation
America's first national Constitution, drafted in 1777, which stressed the independence of the seperate states
Define Confederation Congress
single national governing body created by the Articles of Confederation
Explain how Confederation congress operated
Each of the 13 states had one vote in congress and was supposed to contribute money for national defense and other expenses
Explain Constitutional Convention
Delegates and washington could come together at the Pennsylvania state house and write constitution of the U.S.
Define Great Compromise
It established that population would determine representation in the national legislature's lower house, while each state would have an equal vote in the legislature's upper house.--1787, Roger Sherman
How old is the Constitution??
216 years old
How are states and people protected against abuses of goverment?
separation of powers/checks and balances
bill of rights
Define Separation of Powers
a law or rule that each branch or government does not have too much power
-legislative makes laws
-executive enforces/ executes the laws
-judicial interprets laws/decides whether a case is constitutional or unconstitutional
Define Preamble
Explains the goals of the new government under the constitution
Define Separation of Powers
-Each branch of government has its own duties and powers
-legislative makes the laws
-Executive enforces/executes the laws
-Judicial intrerprets laws/ decides whether a case is constitutional or unconstitutional
sixth amendment
right to speedy trial
First Amendment
personal and political freedoms (religion, speech, press, assembly, petition)
second amendment
right to bare arms (keep weapons)
third amendment
Quartering of Troops
fourth amendment
Search and seizure; search warrants
fifth amendment
rights of accused persons
seventh amendment
right to trial by jury
eight amendment
bail, fines, and punishments
ninth amendment
rights of the people
tenth amendment
powers of states
a fair set of legal steps to be followed with an accused person from arrest through trial is called.....?
Due Porcess
evidence strong enough to estbalish presumption but not proof that an illegal activity took place is called......?
probable cause
A______orders an officer of the cour to bring a prisoner before the court and explain why he/she is being held
Write of Habeas Corpus
List the five basic civil liberties guaranteed by the first amenendment.
freedom of religion, speech, petition, assembly, and press
_____guarantees a person can not be tried twice for the same crime
double jeopardy
Where is the original Bill of Rights located?
National Archives Building in Washington D.C.
How many times has the Constitution been amended?
27 times
what is was the Northwest Ordiance of 1787?
a plan to create a government for the region north of ohio river and west of pennsylvania. This area became known as the northwest territory.
Describe the Virginia Plan
"league of friendship" among the states become a truly national government. it provided for a central government with three spearate brahces.
Describe New Jersey Plan
William Paterson started it, the plan proposed to continue the one-state, one vote system used under the Articles.
Describe federalists
people who approved of the constituion-usually wealthy-said that constituiton would bring a good balance between national unity and state independence, also that it represented a new age of democracy
Describe antifederalists
usually not wealthy--disapproved of the constitution--they felt the powerful new central government might destroy the states' independence.
What was so important that happened in late July 1788?
Enogh antifederalists suported the constitution to ratify it 30 t0 27
List the seven articles of the constitution
1 Legislatvie Bramch
2 Executive Branch
3 Judicial Branch
4 Relations among states
5 Amending the Constitution
6 Role of National Government
7 Ratification of the Constitution