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What happened after Mexico won it's independence.
The forced Indians to be citizens.
What goods did the californos barter to get thing from american traders.
The mexican califronians traded hides and tallow to meet their needs.
What changed after the mission closed.
The califronian indians lives became harder and miserable.
What did the Indians exchange for working on the ranchos.
The Indians recevied food, clothing, and shelter.
What did the goverment do to raise californias population.
The gave out land grants to all the new settlers that wanted one.
What was the most important buisness in mexican California.
Cattle farming and ranching.
What marked the Mexican War for Independence.
Fr. Miguel Hildago gave a speech which started the Mexican War for Independence
Why did the Mexican goverment decicd to close the missions?
It reminded the Mexicans of the Spanish rule.
What was a diseno.
A diseno was a hand drawn map that showed bounderies of a raancho.
Who shiped the first cattle to Califronia?
The missionaries and colonists.
Why did ranchos need to be self-sufficient.
The needed to because sometimes the nearest rancho or pueblo was more than a days ride away.
In pueblos what was the word for alacade.
It ment mayor in Spanish.
When was the pueblo of Los Angeles founded.
After 1776.
The presido of Santa barbra was founded after or before the presido of San diego.