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A manufacturing system in which a product is completed step-by-step by different workers
The inventor of the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Money or wealth used in trade, manufacturing, and business
An economic system in which factories and utilities are privately owned and operated as a profit
Home based manufacturing
Cottage Industry
A machine that removes seeds from cotton
Cotton Gin
American inventor of hundreds of products including the light bulb and phonograph
Thomas Alva Edison
A place where workers use machines to make products
Founder of the Ford Motor Company, the man who created an assembly line of workers to produce inexpensive cars
Henry Ford
Industrial spying to obtain secrets about manufacturing methods
Industrial Espionage
Machine parts that are mass produced and identical as opposed to being hand-made and "one-of-a-kind"
Interchangeable Parts
Engines that consume fuel that burns and explodes inside the engine to drive a piston. Automobile engines are internal combustion engines
Internal Combustion Engine
A machine for weaving thread into cloth
Important New England industrialist and industrial spy
Francis Lowell
Unemployed Cottage textile workers that rioted against machines that took over their jobs
Making products by large scale, usually by machine
Mass Production
The part of a population between the wealthy class and the poverished class
Middle Class
Inventor of the radio
Guglielmo Marconi
The manufacturing system whereby yarn was distributed or "put out" to cottage workers to be woven into thread
Putting-Out System
The man who first brought the english spinning technology to America in 1789
Samuel Slater
The process of twisting fibers into thread or yarn for weaving
A machine for spinning that did the work of 16 hand-operated spinning wheels
Spinning Jenny
A machine for spinning that did the work of 3000 hand-operated spinning wheels
Spinning Mule
An external combustion engine in which fuel is burned to heat water and convert it into steam. The steam is used to push a piston
Steam Engine
A spinning machine of the 1760's
Water Frame
THe process of turning thread or yarn into clothing that is done on a loom
Inventor of the Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney