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reformers who called themselves progressives wanted to improve american life.
teddy roosevelt
he was against big business. he believed business was a positive force that giant corporations were here to stay he was known as the trustbuster. he sided w/ workers and proposed the square deal. 26th president
woodrow wilson
progressive- born in virginia governor of new jersey
William H. Taft
secretary of war 28th president ...hoped to restore competetion that once existed in america.
journalist who exposed corruption and other problems of the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Ida Tarbell
a muckraker targeted the unfair practices of big business wrote about monopolyand John D. Rockefeller
upton sinclair
wrote a book called the jungle wrote about the terrible conditions of meat packing industry
jacob riis
a photgrapher and writer who provided shocking images of slum life.
Alice Paul
suffragist that took more radical steps to win votes. been jailed and gone on hunger strikes
person who worked for women's right to vote
19th amendment
a 1919 amendment to the united states constitution that gives women the right to vote.
18th amendment
a 1917 amendment to the united states constitution that made it illegal to to sell alcoholic drinks
protection of natural resources
Pure food and drug act
a 1906 law that requires food and drug makers to list ingredients on packages.
meat inspection act
a law that allowed inspectors to enter meat packing houses