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old immigrants
came from western and northern europe
new immigrants
came from southern and eastern europe
americans that wanted to limit immigration and preserve the country for native born white prodistants
tall building with many floors. supported by a light weight steel frame. chicago built the first skyscraper.
push factor
condition that drives people from their homes.
pull factors
condition that attracted immigrants to new areas
the lowest level on a steam ship that carried immigrants.
settlement houses
community centers that offered services to the poor.
hull house and jane addams
chicago women, she opened a settlement house called the hull house in 1889. it was a group who volunteered to help the poor in a variety of services.
chinese exclusion act
the americans disliked the chinese in the country so congress passed this act. it barred chinese laborors from entering the country. no chinese person who left the country was allowed to return.
aparment that had no windows heat or indoor bathrooms.
a residential area on or near the out skirts of the city.
what are, Urban, Rural, Suburb?
urban- is cities
has skyscrapers
has tenements
Rural- is farm lands
Suburbs- are out-skirts of a city
residential area.
three sports made popular in the mid to late 1800s are...
baseball, basketball, and football
who invented basketball?
James Naismith (he was also a gym teatcher).
compulsory education
requirement that children attend school to a certain grade or age at least usually through 6th grade.
yellow journalism
news reporting often biased or untrue that relies on sensational stories and headlines.
group of writers that tried to show the harsh side of life as it really was.
mark twain
his real name is samuel clemins used local color to make stories more realistic. he wrote the adventures of mark twain and huckelberry finn
dime novels
low priced paperbacks that offered thrilling adventure stories
nellie bly
reporter that pretended to be insane to find out now the mentally ill were treated.
joseph pulitzer
hungarion immigrant that created the first modern mass-circulation paper. and he added comic strips.
william randolph hearst
challenged pulitzer's paper and began to out do him in scandal reports began yellow journalism.