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cornelius vanderbilt
was in charge of his dad's railroad business. also he was one of the thoughest railroad consolidators.
James Hill
canadian-born owner who finished the last major cross country railroad line in 1893.
andrew carnegie
incharge of the steel indrustry. he used the bessemer process. he also controlled all the phases of the steel industry. he used vertical integration.
John D. Rockefeller
one of the people who went to pennsylvania for oil. he formed the standard oil trust which created a monopoly.
george pullman
he designed a railroad sleeping car.
henry Bessemer
he discovered a way to make steel. he called this the bessemer process because it made steel at a lower cost.
vertical integration
gaining control of all the steps used to change raw materials into finished products.
controls all or nearly all the business of an industry
business that is owned by investors.
J.P. Morgan
the most powerful banker of the late 1800s.
Thomas Edison
invented first practical incandescent light bulb. "wizard of menlo park"
Cyrus Field
thought of laying a cable under the ocean so that telegraph messages could go back and forth between north america and Europe.
Henry Ford
made the auto a part of everyday american life. he made a moving assembly line which lead to mass production.
the wright brothers
they owned a bike shop in dayton ohio. they had a dream of flying. Orville made the first flight. it lasted for 12 sec. the military saw that flying could help them. they made the first successful flight
samuel gompers
he organized a union called american federation labor (AFL)
The triangle fire
a fire in a clothing factory which had locked doors caused many peope to die. as a result in new york and other states approved new safety rules to protect workers.
mary harris Jones
protected children's rights spoke about the hard lives of children in textile mills. They called her mother jones and she cared for the workers.
workplace where people worked for long hours but for small pay most of them were young women or children.
haymarket riot
people at the McCormick company that went on strike and police killed four workers in the next day in protest of the killings eight more people were arrested and killed 7 police men
collective bargaining
the right for unions to communicate or negotiate w/ management for workers as a group.