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The study of Earth and all of the different kinds of things on it. Includes land, water, plant and animal life, and human activities.
Shapes that make up Earth’s surface. Includes hills, plains, plateaus, basins, mountains.
A large area of nearly flat land.
High, flat area that rises steeply above the surrounding land.
A low, bowl-shaped landform surrounded by higher land.
The land along the ocean.
A place where very little rain falls.
Surroundings in which people, plants, or animals live.
Coastal Plain
This landform is a narrow, flat strip along the Atlantic Ocean. It gets wider as you go south.
Appalachian Mountains
Rounded mountains that stretch all the way from Maine to Alabama.
Interior Plains
Wide plains that stretch for hundreds of miles between two mountain ranges.
Mississippi River
One of the longest rivers in North America.
Rocky Mountains
Mountains that stretch through the western United States. They are high and jagged.
The height of the land above the level of the sea.
The pattern of weather that a place has over many years. It includes temperature and precipitation.
Measure of how hot or cold the air is.
The moisture that falls to the ground. It may be in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
Which oceans border the two coasts of the U.S.
Atlanic Ocean and Pacific Ocean
Name one Plain, one River, and One Mountain Range found in the U.S.
Plain: Interior Plains, Coastal Plains

Mountain Range: Rocky Mountains, Appalacian Mountains

River: Mississippi, Ohio Colorado
How are the Interior Plains and Coastal Plains alike?

How are they different?
They are both large areas of nearly flat land.

The Coastal Plain is along the ocean and the Interior Plains are between two mountian ranges.
Why does an elevation map tell us which way a river flows.
Rivers flow downhill. Every river begins at a higher elevation than where it ends. So if the elevation is higher in the north and lower in the south, the river will flow from north to South.
How does an elevation map help us learn about geography.
It tells us which way rivers flows, and it shows that there are mountains at high elevations and basis at low elevation.