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in the oregon country, what was the attraction to this new land?
there was fertile soil and animals for fur trapping
what were some difficulties on the oregon trail?
disease, drowning from flooding, and overheating
what is a rendezvous?
a meeting where trading took place
what was the texas war for independence for?
they wanted to become part of the U.S., mexico didn't treat them with respect
what was the significance of the alamo?
was a major battle cry, old missionary where texas fought for their independence
what is the nickname for texas?
the lone star republic
what did the battle of San Jacinto cause?
the capturing of the dictator Santa Anna
what were some problems Texas faced after gaining independence?
they didn't honor the treaty that granted them free, they were bankrupt, northerners didn't want to annex them because they had slaves
texas wanted to be a part of the U.S but the U.S said no, why?
because they had slaves
what does annex mean?
to add on
who is Sam Houston
first president of the republic of Texas
what was the role of missionaries in the settlement of the west?
missionaries tried to convert people to cristians
how were Native Americans treated on ranches and missions?
overworked, diseased, land taken fromt them
what is the manifest destiny?
the U.S thought they had the right to spread there culture to the pacific
how did oregon become part of the U.S?
they divided it by britain
what caused u.s war with mexic?
mexico didn't want to be bought by the u.s && the border between rio grande
what land did the u.s aquire after the mexican war?
new mexico and california
what is a cede?
to give up
what is a siege?
to take over
what is the gadsen treaty and why did the u.s want it?
a strip of land in arizona and new mexico for which the u.s paid mexico $10 million in 1853 ; they wanted it for a railroad
what were mormons and where did they finally settle?
christian religous group; Utah
what was the gold rush?
gold found in california where everyone fled
what were the vigilantes?
self apointed law officers
what is a lynch?
to execute
why is california so diverse?
people came around the world for gold, mexicans came because they used to live their
what is a mountain man?
trapper who explored and hunted in oregon in the early 1800's