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Why did the Plains Indians use every part of the buffalo they hunted?
The made clothing, blankets and moccasins from the skins. They carried water in bags made from their stomachs. They twisted the hair into cord. They made needles and other tools from the bones and horns.
Which of the earlier ancient civilizations were divided into social classes?
The Olmecs, the Maya, The Mound Builders and the Anasazi.
Describe the land bridge theory
During the "Ice Age" the Earth's climate go so cold that huge glaciers formed and covered much of the Earth. Water was trapped in the glaciers which caused the ocean level to drop. This would cause a "bridge" of dry land to appear between the Asia and North America.
Describe how the land of the Southwest affected how the Pueblo Indians hunted and grew food.
The staple foods for the Pueblos were corn, beans and squash, cotton for blankets. The depened on the rain or underground springs to irriate the land and had a food surplus when there was a drought.
Which of these events happened first?
- Ancient people started planting crops and developing more advanced civilizations

- Nomadic people began to settle in communities

- The Ice Age ended and the climate warmed using glaciers to melt

- The giant animals starved and gradually died out
1. Ice Age ended
2. Giant animals died

3. Ancient people planted and developed civilization.

4. Nomads settled in communities
What is a tepee?
A tepee is a cone-shaped tent set up with wooden poles in a circle and tied at the top. The poles were covered with buffalo skin and a hole was left at the top for smoke from their fires.
Which early ancient civilization lived in pueblos?
The Anasasi
Who were the best known traders of the Northwest Coast?
The Chinooks
Who were the 2 main Eastern Woodland tribes?
The Algonquian and the Iroquoian.
Which Northwest Coast group built dugouts to hunt whales?
The Makahs