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What was the most common occupation in ancient Greece?
Why was Greece separated into regions?
Greece was separated into isolated regions because of the rugged
mountains and the bays and inlets of the seas.
What was the climate like in Greece?
The climate was very much like southern California, mild winters and hot, sunny summers. As a result, farmers could raise crop year round.
How did people get around in Greece?
The sea connected people, in fact, no point on the mainland was more than 40 miles form the sea.
What did farmers grow, and when did they grow them?
Farmers tended vineyards and olive groves in the spring. They harvested olives and grapes in the fall. They planted wheat and barley in the fall and harvested it in the spring.
Was Greece's land good for planting grains?
No, only 1/4 of Greece's land was level enough to plant grain.
What did the Minoans do?
THe Minoans created a system of writing, and made fine artwork including carved statues, pottery, metal bowls, jewelry, and weavings. They were also great sailors, and master builders. They built huge palaces in Crete's main city, Knossos.
What made the palaces the Minoans built so advanced?
The palaces had underground plumbing and piped running water. The walls were decorated with colorful murals of daily life in ancient Crete.
What did the Mycenneans do?
The Mycenneans built a large fleet of ships. They learned to build palaces from the Minoans. And they gradually conquered the Minoans.