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Where was Greece?
In the center of the Aegean
How did the sea help the people of Greece?
Connected them together
Linked to other people's products & ideas
What did this lead to?
Mild Winters
Hot &Sunny Summers
This way, farmers could raise crops all year round
What crops did the Greeks raise?
When did they harvest it?
Grapes and Olives - spring
Harvest- fall
____________ divided Greece into______ _____________
Rugged mountains &bays & inlets of the seas; small isolated regions
What did Minoans create?
System of writing; fine artwork; statues; pottery; metal bowls; jewelry; weavings
The Minoans carried ________ with who?
rich trade
Egypt, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia
Crete's palaces were very ________.
advanced; under ground plumbing, running water, beautiful wall murals
__________ conquered the Minoans in _______. They became....
Myceneans; 1450 BC
the dominant civilization
Explain the Dark Ages in detail
It is when the Mycenaenan culture began to decline around 1100s BC.
The trade was standstill
People- isolated villages
When did the Greeks begin to write again?
800 BC.
The oral tradition had still continued before
Name 4 forms of government in Greece
Democracy; Monarchy; Oligarchy; Tyrant
What is democracy?
Democracy- government of the people
Monarchy- ruled by king
Oligarchy- few people have power over greater group of people
Tyrant- one leader takes over
Athenian democracy was ????
The world's first democracy
Detials of Athenian democracy
500 citizens on the council. These were picked randomly every year. They proposed new laws, and met about every 9 days
Citizens were also the jury in law courts
Council members &jurors were paid so that poor and rich citizens could afford to take time off of work
Who worshipped Zeus and his family?
All of the Greeks, no matter what city state
Each god had ???
specific role; duties; powers
Sanctuaries were ______?
Stories told of ?????
Great power of the gods
If a Greek wanted something, what would they do?
Pray to a specific god for a certain thing
What was Olympia?
It was the place where the Olympic Games took place every four years.
Why was Olympia a good place for the Olympic Games?
The land in the broad river valley was flat allowing races to go far
What games were in the Olympic Games?
foot races;horse races; chariot races
The point of the Olympics was?
Greeks believed Zeus and other gods had a special delight in watching athletes display their skill and strength
Why did many Greeks leave their valubles at Delphi?
Because Delphi was a sacred site, and no theif would dare to steal there.
What are shrines?
What was the point of priests and priestesses?
shrines were where message were revealed by oracles
The priests and priestesses interpreted the messages