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What were the Federalist papers?
A series of essays written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay defending and explaining the constitution.
How are amendments made to the constitution?
Amendments have to be ratified, and then it has to be approved by 2/3 of the house and the senate. Then it can be added to the Constitution.
When was the bill of rights written?
The Bill of Rights was written in 1787.
What section of the Constitution protects our civil rights?
The Bill of Rights.
How was the election of 1800 decided?
Jefferson and Burr each received 73 electoral votes, so the house had to decide by voting. Each man received 35 votes, but then Hamilton urged one of the Federalists not to vote for Burr, so Jefferson became president and Burr became VP.
Who was Lewis' partner?
What is a lock on a canal?
Locks on canals are seperate compartments where water levels were raised or lowered. They provided a way to raise and lower boats at places where canal levels changed
Why was Andrew Jackson called the "common man" president?
He was called that because he came from a poor family and made his way from nothing to the president. He was like a common man, not special or wealthy before the election.
In 1840, what was the only group that could vote for the president?
White men.
What main issue concerned the Seneca falls convention?
Women's suffrage.
Who created the Missouri compromise?
Henry Clay.
What was the main argument that the southern states used to leave the union?
What was Stephen Douglas's idea on how states used to leave the Union?
popular sovereignty.
How did the battle of Shiloh get its name?
a nearby church.
Where were the draft riots?
New York City.
What is habeas corpus?
THe right that guarantees for accused individuals to have a hearing before being put in jail.
Who was Aaron Burr?
The VP under Jefferson, he killed Alex Hamilton in a duel.
What was the XYZ affair?
Adams sent a government official to meet with the prime minister of France to avoid war. The PM refused to meet with them, so he sent three agents to meet with Adams. Adams called them X,Y, and Z.
Who was the first secretary of the treasury?
Alexander Hamilton.
WHo was York?
An african american man that accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition.
What did Stephen Decatur do?
He was a naval captain thrown in jail at the battle of tripoli, then burned down the ship he was in so pirates couldn't use it.
What are custom duties?
Taxes on foreign imported goods.
What is tribute?
Money paid for protection.
What is William Becknell's route called?
the Santa Fe trail.
Who was JAmes Beckwourth?
An African American from Virginia who found the Green River.
Who explored the Green River?
Jim Beckwourth.
Who was raised by the Cherokee?
Sam Houston.
How did the North make most of its money?
Factories and industry.
How did the South make most of its money?
Farming, cotton.
What are fixed costs?
Regular expenses such as maintenance and housing.
What does an overseer do?
He is the manager of the plantation and he watches over the slaves.
What increased the processing of cotton?
The cotton gin.
How did Lincoln and Douglass feel about the Mexican War?
The didn't like it.
What three departments did Congress set up to help Washington run the government?
The legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches.
How were the ranchos and plantation owners similar?
Because they both had Native Americans as slaves and owned land.
WHy did the Southern States dislike Hamilton's plan to pay off the debt?
Because it would put on a high tariff.
What was the Proclamation of Neutrality?
Said that Americans couldn't fight with Britain or France during their war.
What was the Whig's campaign slogan in the election of 1844?
Fifty four forty or fight.
What were the details of the Adams-Onis treaty?
A treaty in which Spain gave the U.S. Florida, and we gave Spain the Mexican texas.
Did the Missouri compromise cause any problems between the North and South?
Yes, it upset the blance of slave states and free states, 20 years after it was created.
WHy did the Era of good feelings end?
It ended when sectionalism became more intense.
Why did Washington serve only two terms?
He wanted to go home, and he was getting old and sick.
Did Hamilton and Jefferson share the same ideas on how to govern the country?
No. They had totally different views and fought a lot about it.
What were Washington's feelings about political parties?
He thought they were bad and would split up the nation.
What are locks used for on a canal?
They are used to level a boat to the level of the water on the other side of the canal.
How did steamboats affect the economy of river cities?
Steam boats affected the economy of river cities by making them very rich because the cities became so popular.
Why did COngress pass the Alien and Sedation acts?
Congress passed the Alien and Sedation Acts because the Congress was getting suspicious of aliens or immigrants that were living in the country that weren't citizens and were from France. This would lead to problems if the immigrants were still loyal to France during the French revolution.
Who developed interchangeable parts?
Eli Whitney.
What were private roads made of crushed stone or logs called?
Did the Civil War increase the power of the Federal Government?
Yes, it also decrease the power in state governments.
Where did the California gold rush start?
In Sacramento, CA in 1849.
What were Grant's terms when he accepted the surrender of Lee?
Grants terms were fair and he let Lee and the other soldiers go home without any price.
Who led the Mormons to Great Salt Lake, Utah?
Brigham Young.
In the 1840's how did you become a teacher?
You would have to go to a special school where you were taught to be a teacher, instead of just becoming a teacher.
What was Lincoln's main goal in the Civil WAr?
His main goal was to reunite the union.
What did Thoreau do to protest the war with Mexico?
He refused to pay his taxes.
Why did McClellan fail to capture Richmond in mid 1862?
He was too cautious and waited too long.
How did the Grimke sisters receive their inheritance?
They received it in slaves and then set them all free.
What did Elizabeth Blackwell do?
She went to medical school and became a doctor. She got rejected by so many schools because she was a woman, but then she finally got accepted to one and graduated top of her class.
Was Virginia a southern or northern state?
Southern state. But then a lot of Virgian cities seceeded from Virginia and became West Virginia, a northern state.
Who did Lincoln appoint commander in chief of the Union forces after the First Battle of Bull Run?
General McClellan.
Which side did David Farragut fight for in the war and what did he capture?
Union, New Orleans.
Did Shaker women have more rights in their communities then the average women living on the outside?
Yes, they did.