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Explain the Fall Line.
The point which hilly or mountainous lands meet the coastal plain.
What are the 5 physiographic regions of GA?
Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Ridge & Valley, Blue Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau.
What rivers create GA's eastern & western boundries?
Chattahoochee & Savannah.
Why was the fall line location of many of GA's early dettlements?
It was the end of the mountainous terrain and it was next to water.
What violent weather is GA most likey to experience.
Tornatoes & hurriacanes.
What states border GA?
Alabama,Tennesee, South Carolina, Flordia & North Carolina.
Describe GA's location using hemisphere, continent, nation and region.
NorthWestern Hemisphere, North Americas, United States, SouthEastern.
What are the Barrier islands? How does the main land benefit from the barrier islands?
They are small islands the surrounding the main land. They help protect our mainland from erosian.
Explain the positive & negitive impact of explorers on the native americas.
Positive- Found New Land, Columbian trade.

Negitive- Brought disease, killed indaians.
What were the 2 largest indian nations living in Gerogia during colonial times?
Cherokee & Creek.
How did tools evolve throughout the prehistoric time periods?
They became more complex as the years went on.
Which prehistoric indians showed evidence of religion?
Mississippian & Woodland.
What were the 4 prehistoric civilizations in order from 1st to last?
<b> PAWM</b>
List the 3 major interstate highways,the seaports, and the airport in GA.
Interstates: I75,I85,I20
Seaports: Savannah & Brunswick
Airports: Hartsfeild
Who was Austin Dabney?
A free born mallato, took place in the battle of kettle creek of Richard Aycock.
What part did Nancy Hart play in Georgia's history in the Revolutionary War?
She defended her family & home from some british soldiers/ loyalists from invading her home.
Name the 1st settlements of GA and which group of people established each.
Savannah: morovians, jews, angelicans.

Ebonezer & New Ebonezer: sawsburgers.

Fredrica: sawsburgers/ highland scott.
Name the 3 royal governors of GA.
John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, James Wright.
Why did the Spanish build missions?
To spread Christianity.
GA changed from a charter colony to a royal colony before the charter time was up Explain why this happend and how the royal colony was to be governed.
The king chose a governer- john reynalds, he let the people govern themselves & let slavary happen.
Why was Savannah's location chosen by Ogalthorpe?
easier for trade, by south Carolina, farming, & to watch people enter their teritory so they could protect their colonies by ooking from bluffs.
Which georgians were involved with the declaration of independence?
Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton.
explain how the following taxes affected the colonies with an emphasis on Ga.
Stamp Act, Intolerable Act.
Stamp Act: paid taxes from stamps to prove they paid their document(s); the liberty boys did protesting..
explain the battle of kettle creek & the siege of savannah affected GA during the American Revolution.
- GA milashia beat the british
- they got weapons & horses
- milashia= militray
Siege of Savannah- british held savannah.

French & colonist lost... the french oviously helped.