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Josip Tito
*held Yugoslavia together as a communist dictator from 1945 until his death in 1980
Mikhail Gorbachev
*last Soviet leader*
*2 Major Reforms:
-glasnost:"openness", allowing new freedoms to combat corruption
-perestroika:"restructuring", modernize and allow some private censorship

gradual opening of the political system
-election of new legislative body
Commonwealth of Independent States
loose federation of former Soviet territories
-formation of this meant the death of the Soviet Union
Four Modernizations
*Deng Xiaoping's set of goals for China called for progress in:
-science and tecnology
Boris Yeltsin
*followed Gorbachev in power
*adopted a plan of "shock therapy"
-an abrupt shift to free-market economies
-inflation rate=800%: thousands out of work
*troubles included war in Chechnya- Yeltsin resigned and named Vladimir Putin as acting president
Hong Kong
*July 1, 1997: Great Britain handed Hong Kong over to China, ending 155 years of colonial rule
-as part of transfer, China promised to respect Hong Kong's economic system and political liberties for 50 years
-many of Hong Kong's citizens were worried about the transfer
-in the first 4 or 5 years after the transfer, the control of mainland China over Hong Kong tightened
Tiananmen Square

*students protest for democracy in Beijing
-on the anniversary of the May 4th Movement of 1919
*Deng declared martial law
-June 4, 1989: thousands of soldiers stormed Tiananmen Square and opened fire
*one single Chinese man blocked tanks on their way to crush prodemocracy protests
-he has become a symbol of courage and bravery for people all over the world

*Polish workers at Gdansk shipyard went on strike, demanding govt. recognition of their union
-finally, the govt. gave in to the union's demands
-Lech Walesa became a national hero

*Solidarity is banned again
-economic crisis worsened and workers walked off their jobs
-General Jaruzelski legalized Solidarity again
Who is the current leader of China?
Hu Jintao
Zhou Enlai, leader of China, invited what group of people from the US to China, therefore easing some tensions between the 2 countries?
the ping pong team