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What are two kinds of sources archaeologists use to learn about the past?
Written sources and non-written sources.
What are non-written sources? Give two examples.
Jewlery Toys Oral Tradition
Tools Fossils Ruins
What is a primary source? Give one example.
Sources produced during the same
time period of the event.
A photo of the evnt happening.
What is a Secondary Source? Give
an example.
Materials that were made later in time.
Painting of the event happening.
What is prehistory?
History before it was written down.
How long did Australopithecus (Lucy) live and what were their capabilities?
-Lived about 3 million years.
-Biped -Could defend themself
-Could carry things like food and children
What were the capabilities of Homo Erectus?
-Migrated -Stood up staight
-Cooked meat with fire
-Pianted their bodies
-Defended themself from animals
-Made tools out of stone
What were the capabilities of Homo Sapien (Early Modern Man)?
-Made good tools -Able to fish
-Healed broken bones
-Hunted from a distance
Why was it so important that people shifted to relying on agriculture?
-It created a stable food supply
-Permanent Shelters
-Divided up work
-Developed new jobs
What was the Neolithic Era and what was it known for?
It was the New Stone Age known for growing crops and raising animals.
What are the main achievments of the Mayan Empire?
-They created a Solar Calendar
365 days long.
-Developed an advanced unterstanding of math and astronomy.
-Developed an advanced hieroglyphic writing system.
What was the writing of the Mayas?
The complex hieroglypic writing system.
Who attacked and conquered the Aztec Empire?
Hernando Cortez
What are the Aztecs known for?
-Sacrafised 20-50 people each year
-Fierce warriors
-Wrote down history or events
Who did the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs worship?
Gods and Godesses