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California Gold Rush
California population increased as miners stayed.
California population
After WWI
The Versailes Treaty punished the people and government of Germany. The treaty was a referance to Germany losing the war.
Punished people
The Alien and Sedition Acts
Protected the security of the U.S.
State, Treasury, and War departments
Were established in 1789 to help run the US government
established because...
Woman did not have the right to vote until
the 19th amendment
which amendment?
The Industrial Revolution
changed where Americans lived. went from a rural society (farms) to urban society (factories)
where Americns lived
Sothern Cotton Plantations and Mecian ranchos were
very similar in terms of social and economic conditions
similar in terms of...
established in the 1990's that is a trade treaty between the US, Mexico, and Canada
established when? is a trade treaty between...
The Vietnam war ended with
the fall of Saigon in 1975. North Vietnam won war.
fall of Sai___. who won war?
Compromise of 1850 was
only a temporary solution between the North and South concerning slavery.
____ soultion between who? concerning what?
Policy of Containment. during what war? designed to prevent what?
during the Cold War (1947-1989) was designed by the U.S. to prevent the Soviet Union from speading/expanding communism around the world.
Soviet Union
Hamilton and Jefferson were
rivals when it came to economic and foreign policies
Felxible response was a plan that did what?
that used special military units to fight guerrilla wars. Implemented during Presidnet Kennedy's Administration (1760's)
guerrilla wars, president kennedy
WWII woman did what?
dominated the work force. women replaced men in factories. men were needed in the military. more women worked in factories in WWII than in any other war.
woked in ____.
During WWI and WWII there was a widespread fear of
foreigners living in the U.S. the korean war and vietnam war there was not.
foreigners. which wars was there not?
to pay for winning the American Revolutionary War Hamilton developed a plan that
required all states to pay off the Federal Debt, each state would contribute the same amount. the plan favored the nothern states because they owed more. SOuthern states complained that the plan was not fair.
required states to apy off what? plan favored who? why were Southerners upset?
Pres. Ronald Reagan's Administration (1981-1989)followed what concept?
that less government interference was needed in the business community, which included less regulations and less govrenment spending.
the Tiananmen massacre in Tiananmen Square in China
(1989) ocurred when the Chinese people and students protested against the communist government concerning individual freedoms. U.S. not involved in protest.
Salmon has been
a main stable food for people of the Northwestern from 10,000 BC to the present.
food for people from ___
Jamestown was established when?
in 1607, which is considered to be the early seventeenth century.
in 16___
In 1970 antiwar activists protested nationwide over
America's involvement in Vietnam and the invasion of Cambodia.
america's involvement in _____ and the invasion of _____
In ___ Chris Columbus set sail for ___.
China and when he first sighted land he was positive he had reached the continent of Asia.
Battle of Bunker Hill during the ______ war was an extremely
costly victory for the British army in terms of lives and prestige
the 1970's are considered the decade of
Ben Franklin is considered the leader of the
American Enlightenment movement
African slaves provided ____ for _____. these plantations provided ___, ___, and ___
labor, southern plantations. rice, cotton, and tobacco
July 4th 1776 is the official day the US decaled its _____
The Appalachian Mountains was decided by the _____ as the boundary seperating the _____ from the _________ in the _________
British government; colonists, Native Americans; Proclamation of 1763
During the American Revolution the colony of _____ was a strong supporter of the _____ and _____. Very few ____ supported the Amrican cause for ______.
New York, English King and Government; New Yorkers, independence
_____, _____, and _____ were in Paris to represent the IS during the peace talks to end the _______.
Ben Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay; Revolutionary War.
Delaware was the ___ TO APPROVE THE _____
first state; Constitution
The State Department was one of the _________ established to help run the US government and only deals with _________.
first departments; other nations
From _____ to _____ Africans who lived in the US were not allowed to apply for _______.
1790-1865; citizenship
_____ needed money to pay for its war against England and Spain, so ______ sold the ________
France, Napolean, Louisiana Territory