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What is culture?
All of the things that make up peoples entire way of life
Define Developing World
Poor countries, countries with unstable governmen, fomrer colonies that are now independent
List things that affect population density
Define Caste System
social system
What does religion do for a society?
teaching basic values
Where is the UN?
New york city
define the interatction b/w people and their enviorment
People change the areas in which they live in
What is a cultural region? Give example
An areo with common characteristics... Muslim World
Why is family a key feature of a culture's social organization?
Teaches new generations
What is a command Economy?
Government makes all decisions
Why has the rate of cultural change increased?
What are some goals of internation organizations?
Help developing nations to modernize
What issues require international cooperation?
drug trade, hunger
What are latitide and longitude used for?
identify locations
What is interdependence?
Contries depending on eachother
Describe chinese families
define kowtow
bow low
what is a dynasty?
sucession of rulers in one family
Outline Confucius' theories
Education, culture, influence people
What is Daioism
Seek place to live in nature
How was Buddhism spread in China?
Cultural diffusion
What is filial piety?
Respect for family and ancestors
List several cause and effect relationships in chinese history
Filial piety
What is ethnocentrism?
believer they're the best
What was the goal of the Boxer Rebellion and the Opimum War?
To end foreign dominence
Why did the Long March take place?
The boxers were trying to control china
What is the most widely spoken language in the world?
Chinese Manderin
Who did Hong KOnge belong to?
Who Created the Open Door Policy?
List way that demonstarate that women were inferior in China?
Who is the Father of Mondern China?
Sun Yet Sin
List policies of Mao Ze Dong
Little Red book, Great Leap Forward
Who led the migration to Taiwan?
Change Kisheck
Who oraganized in Tiananmen Square?
College Students
How does geography affect Japan?
Isolates because of mountains
What is an Archipelago?
Chain of Islands
Give examples of how we know that japan is a homogeneous society
Same ethnicity
How did Japan try to preven the spread of Christianity?
Prosecuted christians, isolationism
How are Japan and Koreo similar?
Influenced by China
What are Japan's overcrowded cities called?
Outline the beliefs of Shinto
Way of the Gods
What was the effect of Commodore Perry's visit to Japan?
The Japanese were forced to sign and unequal treaty
What was the goal of Americ'as occupation of Japan?
foregners gained extraterritoriality
Why is competition so fierce for student in Japan?
education is pushed to get the best college
List reasons for Japan's economic success
Describe populare culture in Japan today
school uniforms, tv colors
Explain the Samurai Code of Bushido
the samuri must obey their leader at all times
What was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor indtended for?
To surprise the US, destroy their fleet, then attack them with war
Why does Japan have a hight standard of living despite the fact that they lack resources?
They are very technolocial,highly educations, and lots of money
What featue isolates South Africa?
Himalaya mountains, and water
Describe the Indo-Gagnetic Plain
Stretches from Pakistan across India to Bengledesh. Three large rivers conatined in it. Densly populated farming region.
What is the impact of monsoons on South Asia?
very importains because it gives rain to the farming areas
List examples of cultural diversity in South Asia
languare,religion, food, etc
Why is Hinduism unlike most other religions?
Has no founder or formal church
What is the goal of life according to Hindu beliefs?
Free from recarnation
What is the major difference between Hinduism and Buddhism?
Buddhism rejects the caste system
In Buddhism, what is the cause of suffering?
What did the partition of India result in?
Several independent countries
What has teh Indian government done since independence?
Creation of many differnt nations
What did the Conflicts of East and West Pakistan lead to?
Creation of Bangeldesh
What is Civil Disobedience?
Disobeying unfair law in effore to get rid of it
What did the flooding of the Nile result in?
Fertile soil on the banks
What are some negative effects of Africa's tropical climate?
Winter is dry, rain is unpredictable from year to year
Why was the European demand for slaves growing in the 1600's?
they needed people to do labor
What did the Atlantic Slave Trade lead to?
Racism and massive trade, disrupted life
Why did Europeans imperialize in Africa?
Pread christinity,land and raw materials
List a few reason why African resistance to imperialism failed
million died in the resistance, european weapons were to advanced
List results of interatcion b/w people and their evnironment in Africa
desertification land -> desert
What does scientific evidence suggest about Africa?
the frist people started there
List several results of colonial rule in Africa
Raw materials stripped, forced enimies to live near boundary
What has urbanization resulted in Africa?
Family change, westernization
What is a major health problem facing Africa today?
What were results of Apartheid?
Segragration, nationalisty paryt strengthened borders
Why did nations pressure the South African government ot chante it's policy?
So they could segrate black and whites
How can Africa be culturally divided?
Arab, North African, black, or Sub Sahara
What has Canada's size and georaphic diversity dencouraged?
It encourages multibulturalism
Why has Canada's cultural diversity increased in recent years?
Explain Canada's system of government
Made up of three branches, borrowed ideas from britain and the US
What is the result of Quebec's nationalism?
french speaking
What contributes to Canada's hight standard or living?
The countrys abundant naturl resources and the indtustires it has developed to exploit them
Define trais that the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas share
Gods controled nature, advanced farming, cities, kings
What was the chief role of the colonies according to mercantilist ideas?
The colonies were to supply food and export for the mother counrty
Which group in the social structure would oppose andy changes in teh colonial system?
Name the major barrier to unity in Latin America?
What was the result of economic imperialism in Latin America?
Foreiner gained great influence
What effect did Russia's climate have on it's economy?
Harsh winters hurt economy, limits growht season for crops
What did the czars and the Communist party both attempt to do?
Force all citizens to adop russian language and culture to premote informality
Why did Lenin propose the New Economic Policy?
To eas the crisis of WWI
How did the ethnic makeup of the soviet union contribute to its collapse?
They demanded independecnt
What do the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo show?
Continuing rusiian riberly
Who is the current leader of the United Nations?
Bankimoon or Kafe Anon
What is the document that is and international bill of rights better known as?
Who are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council?
France, US, Great Britain, Russian,and China