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What are the four calvin laws?
1.the host shall be obliged to keep a french bible were every one could read.
2.No wickedness(dancing or cards)
3.No rude words
4.9:00 curfew
Three types of protestants?
What did martin luter nail to the church door?
95 Theses
What did luther burn in public?
The bull that excommunicated him.
Why did people want to be prstestant?
1.High tithes(church taxes).
2.Scandelous Pope Leo 10.
3.Poor were taxed.
4.God saves not money.
How did martin luter spread Protestanism?
Prints the bible in many languages using the printing press and gave made many speeches.
How did the catholics try to stop protestanism?
1. Threated to excommunicated them.
2.Massucre them (killed)
The church put non-believers on trial and killed them.
St.Batholemew Massacre
Queen of France is at a royal wedding, she orders all protestant at the wedding to be killed and started the relgious war. lasted 7 years
king Henry the 8th
Started the protestant church in England
leonardo Di Vinci
Invented many Flying Inventions and was put in in trouble because he cut up dead humans to get the human anatomy. Also, a painter
Invented a great telescope.
painted the sistene chapel and is a great painter. Broke his nose in a fight with th pope because he was taking to long to pain the sistene chapel.
Wrote the prince he was a humanist.
Wrote 37 plays and many prose and poems. He had 3 children 1 died, Hamnet.His only son. his wife was named Anne Hathoway.
Cancellation of punishments. Pay a priest to forgive you sins. pay a priest to get out of puratory
Black Death
Bubonic plague killed 25 million people.
City that runs it self like a country.
Hirering your friends or realtives or people paying maoney for a job.
the place between heaven and hell where the sole waits.
Famous humanist.Suggested fixing the church from within.
Land surrounding the city-state that provides food.
Flying Buttress
Archway that supports a wall.