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a government in which people make their own decisions by voting
a form of government that allows the people to elect representatives to make laws.
The power of government would be shared by three branches or parts. Each branch is separate from, yet equal to, the other branches
separation of powers
In charge of carrying out the laws -- The President
Executive branch
This branch makes the laws -- Congress
Legislative branch
This branch makes sure that laws were obeyed -- The Supreme Court
Judicial branch
Divides power between the national and state governments
Federal System
Has power to declare war, organize the military, print money and establish post offices
federal (national) government
the power to establish local government, to regulate state trade, to establish schools, to make regulations for marriage
state governments
power to tax, to establish courts, to regulate banks, to borrow money
shared power (between state and federal government)
calm or quiet, peace
first part of the Constitution
future generations (children)