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Seperation of powers
Seperation of powers makes sure all branches of goverment has the same amount of powers as the other two.

(equel power)
checks and balances
makes each branch watch the other so one doesn't become to strong.

(checking out, watching)
without this system there could be dictatorship.
to rufuse a document.

The president vetos a bill if he thinks it will not be a good law.

(refuse,dont accept)
Bill of Rights
the first 10 amendments of the constitution.

(made up of laws and amendments)
it is at the ____ of a document.
To change or to add

(a law or rule)

The amendments are part of the constitution. it states laws and or freedoms.
Due process
Fair treatment under the law,
given by the Bill of Rights

(equel, fair)
The president selects certin representatives to make up the cabinet, they are his top advisors.
Supreme law of our land
"a living document"

(americas laws and freedoms)
3 branches of goverment
Juditual - judjes
Executive - president
Ledgeslative - Supreme Courts
goverment by the people
(our goverment)
Draft of a law, if approved it becomes a law.

Senete writes them
to carryout
you execute a plan.
over ride
to over rule -

senete can over ride a veto of a law

(over turn, Over right)