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coastal plain
low land that lies along an ocean
land almost entirely surrounded by water
area of high land on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains
What mountains cover much of the eastern United States?
the Appalachian Mountains
Interior Plains
Located between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.
Flat land that stretch across the middle of the United States and north into Canada.
high, mostly flat land
What is the world's largest group of freshwater lakes?
the 5 Great Lakes
What landform stretches across the middle of the United States?
the Interior Plains
What landform marks the western edge of the Interior Plains?
the Rocky Mountains
What kind of land (and physical features) is found west of the Rocky Mountains?
-a large area of land that is mostly dry.
-basins (such as the Great Basin)
-mountains and valleys
What is a mountain range?
a group of connected mountains
What does the Pacific coast look like?
The coast has a rocky, rugged look.
It has very little flat land along it.
What does the Atlantic coast look like?
It is costal plain.
Fairly flat and low.
It has large bays.
good for growing crops (rich land)