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the period of European history from around 500 to 1500.
Middle Ages
a shop owner
a journey made for a special purpose
the coins, paper, or gold used as money in countries
a group of people traveling together for safety, especially through desert areas
the science of determining a ship's location and direction
a fast sailing ship that could be steered easily and hold large amounts of cargo
a Portugese explorer who became the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa
Bartolomeau Dias
Portugese sea captain who set out for India with 4 ships.

The first to reach Asia by sea.
Vasco de Gama
a merchant who traveled from Europe through Persia and on to china;

upon his return he knew more about China than any other person

shared this information with Kublai Khan
Marco Polo
ruler of China;

he was entertained by stories from Marco Polo
Kublai Khan
city in Songhai ;

important trade city because of its location between the salt mines in northern Africa and the gold fields in the south
Portugese explorer who set out to prove that there was a way to reach Asia by ship.

Also known as: Henry the Navigator

He helped make improvements in navigation
Prince Henry
a diagram that presents information in a way that is easy to understand
a kind of graph that shows changes over time
line graph
a kind of graph that shows how something can be divided into parts
circle graph