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What is the geography of Italy?
The Peninsula of Italy looks like a boot that kicks away Sicily. There are few hills and mountains. Goodsoil and greater travel, trade, and communication. Though, oversea trading was hard.
Where was Rome situated and how was it founded?
Latins migrated from central Europe and settled around the Tiber. Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves and grew to be heroes. Romulus becuase the 1st king.
What did the Eutruscans give to Rome?
Introduced the Romans Greek ideas and basis for the alphabet. The free males formed and assembly (senate)
What was the Roman Society like?
Rome controlled a vast area. Their lands were divided into provinces (self governing regions). They paid taxes to Rome.
Tell about Julius Ceaser?
he declared himself dictator. He made laws to help poor. He was killed on March 15th- The Ides Of March.`
How did the plebians rebel and what did they achieve?
They marched out of Rome and formed their own city. They started yo attend Senate meetins, and could veto laws they didnt agree to. The rights became moe equal.
What happened between Octavian and Mark Antony?
After Caeser's death, Octavian and Mark gained control. Octavian- western, Mark-eastern. Octavian won a great sea battle against Antony and gained total control. Octavian became Augustus= respected one.
What did Augustus do to help the people?
He passes laws that made more men citizens. A census was used to make sure that everyone payed tax. The army built roads to travel on. Huge buildings of marble. They copied the Greeks.
Why did Augustus want people to worship in the same way?
1. Romans believed harm would come if they didn't worship
2. He didnt want anyone to become too powerful.
Who did not have to worship in the same way as the others?
The Jewish.
Why did leaders fear Jesus?
Because he had many followers, so they could take over.
Who spread his word? How did he get his name?
The apostles spread the word of Jesus. And the greek term for Messiah was Christos- Jesus Christ.
What did the Roman officials start to do (about Jesus)?
They became more concerned about the spread of Christianity. They started to persecute them; many became martyrs. others were forced to face the lions.
How and why did Constantine accept Jesus?
He was not a Christian, but he said that before the battle, he had seen a sign that if he followed christ he would win. If became the official religion
How did Rome decline?
Contstantine moved the capital to Byzantium. Since the emporer did not live ther, many others left Rome. The Roman Empire Spilt into western and easter halfs.Also, Christianity grew stronger.