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Let the people do as they choose
Custom Duties
Taxes on foreign imported goods
Judicial Review
(A) The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. (B) When there is a conflict between the Constitution must be followed. (C) The judicial branch has a duty to uphold the Constitution. It must be able to determine when a federal law conflicts with the Constitution and to nullify, or cancel, unconstitutional laws.
House of Representitives
Who decided the election of 1800?
She thought it was dirty and wrong.
How did Abigail Adams feel about White House?
Jefferson won the election and Burr was vice president.
What was the result of the election deadlock?
Set up regional courts for the U.S. with 16 judges and many other judicial officials.
What was the Judiciary Act of 1801?
Conestoga Wagon
sturdy vehicles topped with white canvas
The French
Who was the Louisiana Territory purchased from?
He drove the French out of Santo Domingo and the country regained its original name of Haiti.
What did Toussaint-Louverture convince Napoleon Bonaparte to do?
Alexander Hamiltion
Who did Aaron Burr kill?
He was Adams' secretary of state
What did John Marshall do?
He was France's leader. His plans were to declare war against Britain.
WHo was Napoleon Bonaparte? What were his plans?
Lewis and Clark
WHo lead the exploration of the Louisiana Territory?
Jefferson wanted it to be a scientific venture. Congress was interested in commercial possibliities and sites for future forts.
What did the Louisiana Purchase do?
An African-American on the trip with Lewis and Clark.
Who was York?
They were sturdy vehicles topped with white canvas. They were used for holding household goods.
What were the Conestoga Wagons? What were they used for?
$15 million
How much was paid to purchase the Louisiana Territory?
protection money
Neutral Rights
the right to sail the seas and not take sides
Practice of forcing people to serve in the navy
War Hawks
People that came from the South and the West who pressured the president to declare war against Britain.
loyalty to your country
prohibits trade with another country
This was when the Republican Congress declared that trading with other countries was prohibited.
What was the Embargo Act?
He was a powerful Shawnee cheif. He built a confederacy among Native American nations in the Northwest.
Who was Tecumseh? What did he do?
Stephen Decatur
Who burned the "Philadelphia"?
Commander of the Lake Eerie naval forces
Who was Oliver Hazard Perry?
This event showed the British that the war was almost unnecessary.
What did the Battle of Plattsburgh secure?