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an act or decision that sets an example for others to follow
Bank Of The United States
National Government deposited the money collected for taxes in the Bank (in turn, issued paper money). Used to make loans to farmers and businesses. Encouraged the growth of the economy. Also used to pay government bills.
someone willing to invest in a risky venture, hoping to make a large profit
Kentucky and VA Resolutions
(In response to the Alien and Sedition Act) Kentucky and VA claimed each state has an equal right to judge for itself (weather it is unconstitutional) Each state has the power to change or abolish that law within it’s borders.
Protective Tariff
tax on imported goods in order to protect a country’s industry from foreign competition.
group of officials who head government and advise the president.
National Dept
the total sum of money the government owes to others
another word for foreigner
not permitted by the constitution
Neutrality Proclamation
Stated the U.S would not support either side in foreign war (forbade America to aid Britain or France)
Jay’s Treaty
called for Britain to pay damages for American ships, America had to pay depts. owed to Britain
Washington’s Farwell Address
Washington stated he would retire, urged America to remain neutral in relations with other countries, and avoid war
Judiciary Act
organized federal courts system, by Supreme Court to have one Chief Justice and five assoc. justices. Set up system of district and circuit courts across the nation
Whiskey Rebellion
test of strength for the new government, farmers rebelled because of tax put on Whiskey
Alien and Sedition Acts
allowed presidents to expel any alien thought to be dangerous to the country, and citizens could be fined or jailed if they criticized the gov.