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national government
fairness in law and politics
domestic tranquility
peace and security at home
freedom to live as you please as long as you obey the laws and respect the rights of others
What does the idea to "form a perfect union" mean?
the goal is to have all the states to work together as one united nation. E pluribus Unum. to keep the union together the federal government has a broad range of powers . each branch pf government is designed to protect part of the union.
How does the supreme court handle justice?
justice requires that the law be applied fairly to every american regardless of that persons race religion gender county of origin political beliefs or finacial situation. the supreme court can rule that a law is passed by congress is un constitutional which is called judicial review.
Why is a national system of courts necessary?
without it state or local courts would interpret national law. judges in some states might not enforce national law. the law would not be the same in all states causing confusion and injustice. the supreme court is the top of the pyramid of justice.
what is our national police called?
FBI federal bureau of investigation
give examples how the constitution provides for the common defense
over time a national army became necassary. the military could not only protect america but also our political and economic intrests. the president is commander in chief of all armed forces allowing a civilian to control the military.
describe the term "promote the general welfare". Give some examples
the power to collect taxes and look after its citizens. examples are social programs that benefit the country. ex. social security, food stamps, worker safety, FDA, and many other government organizations that protect the citizens of america.
name two safe guards of liberty
bill of rights, basic american freedoms, the right to vote, democracy.
formal written changes to the constitution.
an example for later decisions
judicial review
the supreme court can decide whether acts of a president or laws passed by constitutional.
a group of close advisors
what are two ways to propose ann ammendment?
2/3 vote by each house of congress or 2/3 of state legislatures can vote for a national convention and discuss the issue
what are two methods for ratifying an ammendments?
it would take 3/4 of the states legislatures or conventions of 3/4 of the states.
when was the bill of rights ratified?
1789- 1791
what is the elastic clause?
streched federal power to pass laws. our founding fathers knew times would change and this gives the constitution room to change.
what did marbury v madison give to the supreme court?
judicial review, which was first used in this case gave the supreme court the power to find bills and actions unconstitutional.
sets it aside for a purpose
standing committees
permanent committees assigned to study specific issues such as agriculture labor and energy
joint committees
both houses and senate members meet to discuss issues.
people who elect a representative.
what is the chief job of congress?
to make and propose laws.
wha is an appeal?
request that a higher court review a decision
what does the CIA stand for?
Central intelligence agency
what does NASA stand for?
national aeronautics and space administration
what did the judiciary act of 1789 establish?
gave the president(george washington) the power to establish the supreme court.
Due process
fair hearing or trial
What was the Wideon V. Wainwright about?
a poor man who was convicted of breaking and entering. judge refused him a lawyer. the supreme court ruled if a person couldnt afforf an attorney one must be provided.
name some limist to american freedoms
when your rights interfere with the rights of others
what does the 14th amendment do?
guarentees due process and equal protection which includes the right in the bill of rights. all males born in the US is a citizen of the US and would have full protection under the constitution.
list three responsibilities of a good citizen
volunteer, defend nation, keeps informed about issues, obeys laws
what does a volunteer do?
offer their time and talents to help others and improve the community.