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What is a blockade?
use of warships to prevent ships from entering or leaving a harbor
Who were the Patriots?
Colonists against Britian
What did the Sons of Liberty do?
attacked homes of tax collectors
beat tax collectors
What are rights?
What was the Boston Massacre?
Fighting that broke out between British solders and colonists
Who said "Give me liberty or give me death?
Patrick Henry
What is a massacre?
Killing people who can't defead themselves
British ordered the colonists to quarter who?
British solders
Meeting of representatives to make decisions is called the?
The British were angry about the Boston Tea Party so what did they do?
Passed law that no ship could leave Boston Harbor until tea was paid for.
What did the Stamp Act Congress do?
Met to decide what to do about taxes. Asked colonists to refuse to buy stamped goods
What two Patriot leaders were the British trying to get to?
John Hancock
Samuel Adams
What did Samuel Adams set up?
Committees of Correspondence
Who met and agreed to stop all trade with Britian?
Continental Congress
What did the Committees of Correspondence do?
Wrote letters to each other about British Laws
What do Minutemen do?
Are fighters ready to fight in a moments notice
What was the Boston Tea Party?
colonists were angry over tea stamp, they dressed as Indians and threw British tea into Boston Harbor
Who warned the Colonists that the British were coming?
Paul Reeve
William Dawes
What were the 9000 British solders sent to protect?
Western Lands but all 9000 were on the coast far from western lands. this caused Boston Massacre
Who was made governor of Mass who was also British?
General Thomas Gage
Who was the country's most respected citizen?
Ben Franklin
Where did the Rev. War begin and "shots were heard around the world"
Lexington and Concord
What did Ben Franklin warn the Britain about?
Colonists would fight if forced to pay taxes
Who repealed the Stamp Act?
What did Ben Franklin do?
organized 1st volunteer fire department
first hospital
street lights paved streets
What does repeal mean?
no longer a law
Townshend Acts affected what?
What are consequences?
What does to quarter mean?
to house
What did the Daughters of Liberty do?
They knitted, wove cloth, and spun thread to prevent having to buy material from England