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European _____________ came to the New World to find gold.
Trading what you have for what you want is called ______.
Who made their expedition to explore the land, to meet Indian leaders, and to study plants.
Corps of Discovery
This was a Shoshone Indian woman. She was a 16 year-old wife of a French trapper.
These were white men in charge of keeping peace between Indians and other people.
A French word that means place.
What did Stephen Long call the plains area?
"A Great Desert"
William Clark's black slave
A Spanish explorer who came to America to find gold.
A French explorer who traveled along the Mississippi.
Robert La Salle
A French explorer who worked to make peace with the Indians.
Etienne de Bourgmont
She traveled with her husband to Oregon country to set up a mission there.
Nircissa Whitman
Led an army of 45 Spanish soldiers into Nebraska
Pedro de Villasur
A Catholic missionary who worked with the Plains Indians.
Father Jean De Smet
An Important Fur trader who helped get supplies for the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Manuel Lisa
A missionary to the Pawnee
Samuel Allis
Came to Bellevue to share tehir religion with the Pawnee.
John Dunbar and Samuel Allis
How did fur traders change the lives of Native Americans?
Deadly diseases
married Native American women
trapped beavers and buffalo
What did the Corps of Discovery do on their expedition?
They studied plants and animals, hunted deer and gathered berries and nuts. They made maps of the land. The named Council Bluffs.