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town meeting
An assembly of the New England colonies in which makle landowners could take part in the government.
An open area where sheep and cattle grazed.
A volunteer army.
A good brought in from another country to be sold.
farm produce
Grains, fruits and vegetables that farmers can trade for goods & services or sell for money.
A large covered wagon used by farmers to carry their produce to market towns.
country seat
The main town for a large part of a colony. Today, it is the city where a country government is located.
A large part of a colony. Today it is a part of a state. A country has its own local government.
A good sent from one country to another to be sold.
triangular trade route
A shipping route that included Britian, British colonies and Africans.
A person who learns a trade by living in a family of a skilled worker and working for several years.
A person who is paid to buy and sell.
indentured servant
A person who agrees to work for another person without pay for a certain amount of time.
A public sale.
back country
An area beyond settled lands.
fall line
A place where the land drops sharply causing the rivers to form waterfalls.
The part of a house between the ceiling and the roof.
coureur de bois
The frend word meaning "runner of the woods". This was a person who traded with the indians for furs.
A statement the summarizes facts and shows how they are realated.