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What did Henry Hudson discover?
Delaware Bay
What did Hudson's reports of the area encourage other European's to do?
Who was Etienne Brule?
The first European to set foot in Pennsylvania. He explored the area around the Susquehanna River.
What did explorers do to tell people about their discoveries?
Journals and Maps
Why did Europeans come to America?
To trade with Native Americans
What items did Native Americans trade with Europeans?
When and where was New Sweden founded?
1638, the first permanent colony in Pennsylvania located along the Delaware River
Present-day New Sweden includes parts of what states?
Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
Who was Johan Printz?
Governor of New Sweden
New Sweden colonists at first cooperated with Native Americans in what activity?
Fur Trade
Why was cooperation between New Sweden and the Native Americans difficult in the 1600s?
Because of confict between Sweden and the Netherlands.
When did New Netherland take control of New Sweden?
What did some Native Americans do to meet the increased demands for fur?
Some Native Americans hunted in other tribe's territories.
What was a negative thing that the Europeans brought with them to America?
What happened to Native Americans as Europeans spread their culture in PA?
Their way of life disappeared.
How were Native Americans threatened by European settlers?
European settlers took their land.
Why did Europeans settle in PA?
Freedom from government.
Cornelius Hendrickson sailed from where to where?
Delaware Bay to the Schuylkill River
Descriptions of what explorers saw
Written records of what explorers saw
Products to trade
Half Moon
The ship Henry Hudson sailed to find a new water route to Asia and ended up exploring Delaware Bay.
Have good fortune
Work together
ability to fight off disease